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Posted by MikeStheplumber on November 06, 2001 at 14:03:41:
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: Decided to replace a two leaky valves and pipe (hot and cold)in the basement which required me to shut off the water supply. All the lines in the house were drained prior to this work. Placed everything back together and turned on the water supply. A lot of air came out through the pipes as I turned on the water. Cold water works great through out the house but I have not water pressure on the hot water. After leaving the hot water off for an hour I go back to a faucet to check if the pressure is there, and nothing. Some pressure at first then it turns to a dribble. I can feel heat on the water heater output pipes. I have a potable water expansion tank on the water heater if this means anything. One additional item. When I turned up the water heater temperature, it kicked on but made a lot of gurgling sounds so I lowered it back to the normal setting.
It sounds like you have old galvanized pipes.Hot water pipes fill up with scale faster than cold ones.When you work on them this scale breaks loose and gets stuck in faucets ,aereators,and anything else with small openings.Try turning off your water ,opening up all of your faucets and draining your water heater.When you turn your water back on run your bathtub on hot and take the aereators off your faucets and run them on hot.If this dosent fix it you might have to call a plumber,sorry.Good luck!MikeStheplumber

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