Re: Takagi tankless water heaters
Posted by MikeStheplumber on November 06, 2001 at 13:28:48:
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: Does anyone know how to install a Takagi tankless? I installed one yesterday but it runs hot then cold. Also the computer appears to read celcius in numbers but has an "F" for fahrenheit. Help! Eileen
Welcome to the world of instantaineous hot water!As a plumber who has installed them in past I can say that my best advice for a residential application is to take it back.The only time Ive ever installed them where they were cost effective is when they were in an extremely remote location and fed a sink or lavatory only.The added cost for the heater dosent even come close to the cost of keeping the water in your tank hot and I havent seen 1 yet that would keep up with a hot shower let alone a shower and a dish washer.If it was my house I would trade in the $800 model for the old fashioned $200 model.What ever you decide good luck and always have fun with your projects! MikeStheplumber

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