Re: Is Toto Power Gravity Reliable?
Posted by Mike on November 06, 2001 at 12:59:34:
In response to Re: Is Toto Power Gravity Reliable?
: We are building a new house for retirement. Naturally we want to make right choices and Love's comments about the Toto UltraMax Power Gravity
: toilets are steering us toward that product. When I looked at the printout of the Power Gravity with an inside view, I noticed a mechanism that I usually
: don't see, it occurred to me that it was an added item, different from the norm, and therefore could break. I also realized that Terry Love's critique of Toto
: Power Gravity toilets dealt only with the flushability of the toilets, but had no information about the reliability and repair history of the mechanical device that causes a "power
: gravity" flush. Does anyone out there have any personal history with the Power Gravity mechanism?
All of the new 1.6 toilets are problematic but the Toto seems to be one of the best.Another choice you might make would be one of the other brands that use the Sloan pressure tank.They are the only toilets That I am currentley installing in high use situations where I would incurr callbacks.At this point after 3 years ,we havent had 1 malfunction.This is after litteraly hundreds of applications.They both work greatbut the decision is up to you (cost ,styleing,etc).Good luck in your project and always have fun with it! MikeStheplumber

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