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Posted by Glenn on November 06, 2001 at 08:59:29:
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Eileen, I also installed a TK-1 and had the same problem. Now I wish I had just installed a 70 - 100 gallon water heater. When I first turned my TK-1 on, it could not keep up with the hot water demand of the shower. Consequently, we would regulate the shower water temperature with only the hot water valve (this was after changing to a low flow shower head).

Also, because my shower is on the second floor and the TK-1 is in the basement, there was a time lag of feeling the water temperature change when adjusting the hot water (maybe a couple of seconds). My family would adjust the hot water many times and never be able to get the proper temperature.

Here I'm tring to do a home improvement and the family is now revolting against me(where is the compassion)- I refer to it as "The Great Hot Water Revolt of 2000". So next, I by a 50 gallon hot water tank, an aqua stat, a grundfos pump and create a 50 gallon hot water holding tank using the TK-1 to heat the water. I can send you a diagram (plans) for the set-up. I now have about $1600+ dollars (me doing it myself) invested in this thing, but the family is happy.

Now, I only have one problem to correct. When a valve opens (toilet, dishwasher washer...) there is a knocking in the pipes. Notice I say when valves open this occurs. I have been in the house for 10 years and this never occured prior to installing the TK-1 with associated holding tank.

Recomndation: I live in MI and the water coming into the TK-1 is too cold for the TK-1 to make 5 gallons of hot water per minute. I get less that half that. Return your unit and get a hot water heater. In Japan, where the population is 100 people per square inch and water is at a premium, it works fine. However, that is not what Americans are accustomed to. At the first sign of problems, I am going to throw the TK-1 in the garbage and get a big ol'hot water heater.
: In order for a tankless heater to work properly two things have to happen. The flow through the heater has to be slow enough that the flame can heat the water as it passes through the heater, and the flame has to be the proper size for the water flow. If the flow regulator does not slow the water down to the appropriate rate for the heater's maximum capacity, the water will run cool or cold at high flows. If the flow is appropriate for the heater, but the flame modulator does not increase or decrease the flame as the usage changes then the water will either be too hot or warm/cold. Since either condition will give the same symptoms it is necessary for a service person to check it out and see which problem you have.
: : Does anyone know how to install a Takagi tankless? I installed one yesterday but it runs hot then cold. Also the computer appears to read celcius in numbers but has an "F" for fahrenheit. Help! Eileen

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