Re: Takagi tankless water heaters
Posted by hj on November 05, 2001 at 08:17:21:
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In order for a tankless heater to work properly two things have to happen. The flow through the heater has to be slow enough that the flame can heat the water as it passes through the heater, and the flame has to be the proper size for the water flow. If the flow regulator does not slow the water down to the appropriate rate for the heater's maximum capacity, the water will run cool or cold at high flows. If the flow is appropriate for the heater, but the flame modulator does not increase or decrease the flame as the usage changes then the water will either be too hot or warm/cold. Since either condition will give the same symptoms it is necessary for a service person to check it out and see which problem you have.
: Does anyone know how to install a Takagi tankless? I installed one yesterday but it runs hot then cold. Also the computer appears to read celcius in numbers but has an "F" for fahrenheit. Help! Eileen

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