Connecting a washing machine to a kitchen faucet
Posted by Marni on October 29, 2001 at 12:20:02:
Hi Everybody:

I want to connect one of those 2-in-1 washing/dryer machines in my kitchen (I live in an appartment). The machine (made by LG Electronics) does not come with an F-connector like the portable washing machines so, first, I thought of connecting the cold-water hose from the machine to the kitchen faucet and putting the draining tube from the machine to the kitchen sink every time I use it. This arrangement would leave the hot water input to the machine unconnected (the idea would be never to use the hot or warm water setting).

A sales person I talked to at the appliance store told me that I could damage the machine b/c the water pressure from the faucet won't be high enough (I checked the pressure though and, in my opinion, it is very high). I called LG directly and they told me that if I don't connect the hot water I could have a flood (water coming out from the unconnected hot water pipe in the machine) but said nothing about damaging the machine b/c of the water pressure. The rep didn't sound very sure of herself so I am not even sure that this would really happen.

Anyway, I now realize that I could connect the hot water by using the same pipe that goes to the dishwasher, I could then connect the cold water through the kitchen faucet and use the kitchen sink for draining (I know, it is cumbersome but it is better than using the laundrymat).

Should I be concerned by the water pressure? Do you think that this arrangement could damage the machine?

Thanks in advance,


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