Shower stall replacement.
Posted by Jason Alday on October 29, 2001 at 00:02:10:
I have shower stall on the first floor of my home. My home sits on a slab and being that I live in FL I was blessed with a colony of Termites that made a nice home under the glass door (in the damn) of the shower stall. I began ripping out the damaged wood. The framming around the glass door is destroyed, the three pieces of lumber that made the damn have been reduced to dirt. Over the next few days I will be ripping out the tile and greenboard in the rest of the shower to learn just how much more damage exists.

My question lies in the shower pan. Since the damn is shot and a proper shower pan goes over the damn, does the pan also need to be replaced? My father is coming to help and has down this before on his homes but he never replaced a pan liner and pan, he simplay removed tile on the floor and replaced the tile. How does one go about removing a mortar/tile pan on a concrete slab flooring?

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