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Posted by hj on October 26, 2001 at 08:22:48:
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Once the tank was pumped the previous owners would not have any liability anyway. If you have a leach field with several pipes and they are clogged, it is a result of age and a non-functioning or poorly functioning septic tank. Why it is poorly operating could be a result of your usage, such as antibacterial soaps which would kill the microbes in the tank. You cannot do anything with it yourself and need to call a septic service to see if they can regenerate the system. It is difficult or impossible to restore a leach field, but can be done occasionally.
: We bought a home 6 months ago, we had the owners pump the septic before we purchased, well come to find out, the lines are clogged, and it is not working properly. I do not want to go back on the other people because they are our neighbors and we don't want any enemies. The question is how do I fix it myself?? I know your basic plumbing, but I have never dealt with a septic before. I have dug a second hole and found a second door, but I am looking for a sand trap..... or that was the plan. Help

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