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Posted by hj on October 26, 2001 at 08:18:44:
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You have a more severe problem than a poor seal, (and when that is fixed, the bad seal will not be a problem). There is a clog in the pipe to the upstairs bath, but it is most likely at or beneath the first floor, so you need a plumber to evaluate the system and see where it could be and how it can be eliminated. Both can be difficult, depending on the experience of the plumber who installed the system originally.

: We have an upstairs full bath. Last night when the toilet was flushed, it almost overflowed, but not quite. Then my wife used the sink, and water started backing up in the tub. Then, to our behest, water started coming through the ceiling in the first level.

: Am I correct in assuming the following:
: 1) The clog is beyond where the drains from the sink, tub, and toilet join up.
: 2) The base seal around the toilet is probably shot.

: I am new to toilet repair - how easy is it to replace that base drain seal? Thanks!

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