Re: Tankless Hot Water Alternative
Posted by hj on October 25, 2001 at 09:14:16:
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A tankless heater by definition, should not have a "recovery" time since it should not be storing the hot water. You should have a technician inspect it for proper operation. An electric tankless heater will probably be less desirable than what you have now, unless you have the ability to install very large wires and circuit breakers from the panel box. The ones that use the common wiring for an electric water heater are just about useless except for a single person with limited usage.
: I have a 10 year old Weil McClain oil-fired forced hot water heating system with a tankless hot water supply for my home. The hot water is not bad although there is only myself and wife using it. If we do a warm or hot clothes wash, that is another story it takes a while for the system to recover enough hot water. I would like to have installed a new means to heat my hot water separately and not necessarily by an electric hot water heater. Any good suggestions on a system, make/model, and a ball park estimated price installed would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much.

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