Re: Hot water pressure & temp problem
Posted by Bob Gerard on October 24, 2001 at 18:01:30:
In response to Re: Hot water pressure & temp problem
Thanks for the input HJ, but the lack of hot water isn't because it takes time to get there, it's that it just isn't hot after an extended period (ie: a full night) on no hot water use. It takes about a minute to get fully hot water to the shower, but in the morning (if no hot water has been drawn from the tank from anywhere in the house), I can have a 10-15 minute shower and it never gets hot. However, if I run the dishwasher (for example, and it's in a completely different part of the house) about an hour before I have a shower, within a minute of starting the shower I get all the hot water I want. That's the perplexing part of this issue.

Interesting thought about the expansion tank. Is this a normal requirement in a household, because I don't have one at all ?

Many Many thanks for your advice.

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