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Posted by Maureen on October 23, 2001 at 20:34:41:
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: Try using 2 wax rings, make sure the bottom waw ring includes a plastic part attached to it forcing the sewage to to go down deeper then normal, toilets are rarely defective as they are made from molds. Do not overtighten the bolts!
: The problem generally lies in the wax seal. By this more expensive ones, clean all the old wax off first.

It seems, and I touch wood when I say this, our problem lies in the seal between the tank and the toilet. At first I put a rag between the tank and toilet, and put rags around the base of the toilet loosely. I did this to see if the water was coming from up top, or below. I noticed that my grout dried up. Therefore, it seems it couldn't be the wax seal. We replaced the bolts, washers and seal in the tank. The toilet is only 1 year old and leaked from the time we bought it, so we didn't think this could be the problem and felt it had to be the level of the flange due to the ceramic floor being laid. I'm hesitantly confident that the problem is fixed. Thanks to all who helped.


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