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Posted by Allen Swope on October 23, 2001 at 15:52:12:
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: : Hello,

: : I am replacing a standard tub with a corner unit jacuzzi tub, and have a question about the drain situation. I will be as detailed as possible, since I cannot include a diagram here.

: : The current drain goes straight down from the overflow into the slab foundation. An approx 12" square has been removed from the slab to allow for a horizontal run to the tub's drain. The horizontal run appears to be attached to the viertcal pipe by a threaded T fitting.

: The overflow's tee can be turned to the horizontal, you will still need the p-trap.
: The p-trap needs to be vented too. Without the vent, the trap siphons out, the smell gets in the home. Terry

: : The new tub's overflow and drain is approx 36" from the old vertical pipe running into the slab. My current plan is to run a horizontal pipe against the wall from the new drain/overflow kit to the current drain running into the slab.

: : My questions:

: : 1. Is it important the the overflow run straight down into the slab? My current plan would not allow for this.

: : 2. How much down slant is necessary as I run the span from the new location to the current pipe? If it requires too much slant, I will have to elevate the tub or cut a channel in the concrete slab to allow for pipe clearance under it.

: For a 1.5" drain, you can have 42" till the vent.
: For a 2" drain, you can have 60" till the vent.
: Slope is 1/4" per foot. 2% Terry

: Re-venting should be a 6" above flood level of the fixture.

: : 3. I am assuming that the venting is happening somwhere back in the wall, and I should not try to run a vertical pipe off the floor drain and run the span off of T. This seems like it could lead to an overflow if the jacuzzi were ever overfilled above the height of this "vent."

: : 4. A bit of another topic: The hot & cold feeds seem to have two copper pipes apeice running into the slab, forming a loop. The feeds to the tub are then T'ed off the top of this loop to the faucet. Why would this be configured like this?

: I would guess the water has other places to go. Remove the tee and you may not have water somewhere else. Terry

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