Posted by Rob on October 23, 2001 at 12:59:33:
I'm plumbing a small country house and am looking at CPVC and PEX. What are the pros and cons?
Here are some I found:

CPVC: cheaper, easy to install, been around a while
PEX: cost more, must purchase $100 tool, easier to install with less fittings, no hammering, better freezing

What else can you add? Like I mentioned I'm building the house so all the walls are open now. Copper is
not an option because of the installation and cost. I like the PEX option for the freeze protection.
We'll only be up on weekends and even though we'll drain the pipes before we leave it's still nice to have the protection
just in case.

I read the archives and noticed you said you have been using PEX and copper together lately.
I guess I would have to use some sort of rigid pipe (copper or CPVC) in the tub/shower area for the shower

Also what would you recommend for a supply line running underground about 100'. Also for outside faucets
where you need somethig rigid (IE for a garden hose).


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