Toilets and Floors And Cast Iron Tubs
Posted by Deni on October 23, 2001 at 10:47:39:
Not knowing anything about old homes, I purchased a 80 - 100 year old home which apparently has a chronically leaky toilet (three times in two years). I need to find out what it will involve to fix the problem for good (and an idea of expense?) and what I can get by on. This all relates to my upstairs and my only bath. The soil stack is rusted out at the top 1/2 - 1 inch or so and the area of subfloor that it sits on is somewhat bouncy. The flooring is plywood, perhaps installed less than 10 yrs ago, and the cast iron tub sits 3 ft from the commode. The toilet currently sits on a little 3/4" ply platform about an inch bigger than its base (and shimmed below in order to level it). From the front to the back of the toilet the floor slopes about 3/4". Wax rings and flanges now create the seal between the horn and the waste line (the waste line has a quick bend and is too small in diameter to allow the use of an extended PVC bolting ring, the type which has a 4" extension and a gasket that one "screws" in to create a seal). When it leaks, water comes out between the base and the platform, I'm not sure about what happens below that. Other things to note; the whole house floor sinks about 2-3" from walls to center (about 12' span) upstairs and downstairs (though the foundation has been determined to be good), there may be a broken joist or two running between the tub and toilet, the sink sits next to the toilet, the ceiling downs stairs shows signs of water damage from years ago and has not worsend, and chase electrical runs around the baseboard of the room.

What can I do and what about that tub?

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