Re: damp concrete slab
Posted by Paul on October 22, 2001 at 17:57:43:
In response to Re: damp concrete slab
Perhaps there is a vapor barrier between the ground and the bottom of your slab forcing moisture up.
Do you live in a low area compared to the water table? As simple as it seems, does your home have gutters.
If you suspect rain is a culprit, do whatever you have to do to get rain water away from the house, clean the gutters, install
drain pipe under the ground to dump roof run-off 15 to twenty feet away. Consider heavy vinyl or plastic around the house with pea gravel, disguise it as landscaping. Do not fall for sales pitches from waterproofing
companies. Does the house have a garage? What is the floor like in it? If you suspect the washer,
run a temporary drain out the window from it.

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