Re: Pressure regualtor on my new house....Help!
Posted by hj on October 22, 2001 at 09:18:53:
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In the first place the inspector could have been wrong. The regulator will allow whatever pressure it is set for, which could have been 85# on your valve. It is only defective when it goes over that pressure or does not keep it constant. The new valve may just have to be adjusted. Turn the screw on the top until it gives good flow, or buy a gauge from Home Depot and put it on a hose faucet and adjust the valve until it is 75-85 pounds.

: Hello! We just moved in, and we've discovered that our water pressure is too low. The reason (I think) is that the pressure regulator in the crawl space is set too low. I had an inspection done a couple of weeks ago were the inspector used a pressure gauge on one of the fixtures an got 85 lbs as a reading. He told me that the regulator on the 1" main was defective, because they should never let the water get above 75lbs. We had it replaced. Now I think the plumber that replaced the regulator had something against me, because I have very poor pressure. I haven't measured it because I don't have a gauge, but it's certainly lower than it should be. Question: How can I adjust the regulator myself without a gauge? I would like to adjust in little increments if possible, stopping when the pressure is just a little better! Help!

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