Pressure regualtor on my new house....Help!
Posted by Rick plumbing scares me Wittgraf on October 22, 2001 at 01:25:15:
Hello! We just moved in, and we've discovered that our water pressure is too low. The reason (I think) is that the pressure regulator in the crawl space is set too low. I had an inspection done a couple of weeks ago were the inspector used a pressure gauge on one of the fixtures an got 85 lbs as a reading. He told me that the regulator on the 1" main was defective, because they should never let the water get above 75lbs. We had it replaced. Now I think the plumber that replaced the regulator had something against me, because I have very poor pressure. I haven't measured it because I don't have a gauge, but it's certainly lower than it should be. Question: How can I adjust the regulator myself without a gauge? I would like to adjust in little increments if possible, stopping when the pressure is just a little better! Help!

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