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Posted by More on October 21, 2001 at 22:41:32:
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Does 3 family house mean three separate floors of toilets too? In the event a toilet on the first floor is not flushed, but the toilet on second or third floor is flushed (along with a diaper or a sanitary napkin, or a massive wad of toilet paper) the gravity fall of the weight of water and the potential stoppage (wad of stuff) gets to a bend in the sewer further (but not much further) downstream from the first floor toilet, and can't get past the stoppage, and therefore backs up into the lowest toilet or tub or shower, since no backflow preventers are installed. Contact a LICENSED plumber. Maybe the simplest repair is a maintenance roto snaking of the main line from a cleanout (or from the removed first floor water closet).

: every now and then water will come up thru toliet and tub on first floor 3 family house what could be the problem

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