Re: Gerber ultra flush defect?
Posted by More on October 21, 2001 at 22:10:14:
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The toilets are still under warranty? What does the professional installer say? The flush capacity dumps a volume of water quickly, and requires high volume atmospheric equalization above the loaded sewer from the vent. If adequate vent air isn't available, the gravity fall of the volume of water creates a vacuum and therefore pulls the water out of toilet "b" as this gravity volume is trying to equalize. Both toilets should be adequately vented and were supposed to have been inspected by the Department of Building and Safety prior to being covered up. Were They inspected? Ask the installer to prove they function according to manufacturers specifications.

: Purchased and had professionally installed two gerber ultra flush toilets. These toilets are in two adjoining bathrooms which share a common wall in an upstairs condo building.

: When toilet"a" is flushed - the water from toilet "b" in the adjoining bathroom drains (is sucked from the toilet). Toilet "a" will fill back up normally - but toilet "b" has to be reflushed in order to have the water fill up.
: This also happens if toilet "b" is flushed - toilet "a" has to be reflushed.
: Pls advise -- is this an installation issue, defective toilet -- or are the toilets too powerful for this condo -- condo was built in the 1970's.
: Any help is greatly appreciated.

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