range vent
Posted by Tom McKee on October 21, 2001 at 20:38:31:
In remodeling my kitchen, I removed a 36 year old range hood which was attached to a 7" dia. vent pipe. It vented straight up about 40 inches into the attic. Just above the end of the pipe is the roof which has a ridge vent the entire legnth of the attic. The top of the 7" dia. pipe was fitted with a spring loaded flapper type cover which opened like a bird folding it's wings as the fan was turned on. The cover has worked very well for 36 years. Now I had to change the location because of relocating the range and interference with a rafter made me go to a 6" dia. pipe. The flapper helped keep cold air from coming down the pipe into the kitchen. My problem is that I cannot find a flapper cover like the old for a 6" dia. pipe. Would you know of a good source where I can find one.
Thank You,
Tom McKee

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