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Posted by hj on October 21, 2001 at 09:41:35:
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No, since headering them off could create a situation where the existing non-bearing walls would become bearing walls without a footing. Your best solution may be to run the new pipe between the joists to a downstairs partition and then drop down it that wall and reconnect to the underfloor drainage, or create a soffit to allow the pipe to run under the joists until it reconnects to the existing vertical piping.

: This is actually a construction problem caused by moving a bathroom in a remodel project. I want to move a bathroom and toilet as a part of a remodel to squeeze in another bedroom in the second floor of my house. The new design moves the toilet about 11 feet from it's current location. Here's the problem: according to code, the waste drain pipe must be 3.5" diameter. Also according to code, the joists cannot have any holes cut in them greater than 3.0". I need to pass through about 6 or 7 joists to locate the toilet where I want it. My contractor says that it can't be done. There's got to be some way to strengthen the joists so that I can cut a 3.5" hole in them. Is there any technique or product that I can use here?

: Thanks, Paul

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