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Posted by CarolAl on October 20, 2001 at 22:31:26:
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Most likely and simplest thing first; Prob the contacts are worn out or corroded on that pressure switch (inside the box thingie)
I has same prob after 15 yrs on our deep well press sw too. i shut off electricity to pump (and pressure sw (same breaker for our's) and used an electrical contact "nail file" type tool to clean the contacts. they were pitted so much that we ended up buying a new pressure switch ($10.00 at the time).
here is a link on the pressure sure home stores have em in stock too:

2nd possible thingie..may have a pressure switch nipple that's plugged..

good luck!

: Hi, we have a well at our house. Were having a problem where the pump is supposed to turn off at 50psi, and turn on when the tank pressure drops below 30psi.
: It has not been turning on at 30psi...actually, it has not been turning on at all.
: The pressure dropped below 20psi, and i was getting a bit i hit the switch box thing by the tank, and it turned on. And, like its supposed to, it turned off at 50psi. But when it dropped below 30 it wont turn on again. I tried hitting it again, but that dosnt work any more.
: Please help

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