backing up plumbing
Posted by kevin on October 20, 2001 at 16:54:22:
We have a problem with the bathroom that we added recently.

The bathroom connects to the rest of the waste plumbing system via a 10' minimum drop horizontal run of 4" abs. The new bathroom vent system is separate from the rest of the house all the way to the roof.

We beleive that toilet paper builds up in the horizontal run over repeated useage to a point that all of the drains in the new bathroom start to back up. Sometimes running all of the appliance in the new bathroom will cause the blockage to clear. Other times a quick plunge is required to clear it. We found that if we run the sink (or any other appliance) during and slightly after flushing the drain works properly and does not back up. Our toilet is a low flow kohler with a flushmate attachement.

Is this a common problem ? Will a new toilet possibly remedy the problem ? What do you think the problem is, and what would you suggest doing to remedy it ?

Thanks in advance

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