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Posted by Matt on October 18, 2001 at 13:36:16:
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: I am assuming my thermal coupling on my heater has gone bad and am thinking of replacing it before I call someone for service. My pilot light will light, however the regulator becomes rather warm and once the burners turn off the pilot light is out and will not relight for several hours until the regulator cools back down. However I have never cDear thermal coupleI can un-screw it from the gas regulater and remove the bolt off the tip next to the pilot light and the thing will come out and yes all that after I turn the gas off. If I am not on track in replacing this someone let me know before I make a mess of it. And if you have a how-to link for doing something like this let me know.
: Thanks

The problem my not be your thermal couple I first would sugest having a sevice technician service the furnace if you havnt done so recently if it is an older furnace you should be sure it is safe to operate and playing with gas could be dangerous if your not very carefull with that said the thermal couple is easy to replace turn off the gas a valve should be located next to furnace,and on top of the gas valve loosen nut of thermal couple at valve then slide out thermal couple from retainer take this to supplier and get same style and length.install in retainer tighten nut follow directions for lighting furnace this should be located on the furnace somewhere be sure to turn gas back on hold for 45 second and your done attn. be sure the flame on the pilot burner looks good and coming in contact with thermal couple this is imprtant if it is dirty it wont maintain the heat nesasarry to keep the voltage constat to the gas valve if it is dirty remove the aluminum tube after shutig off gas again from the gas valve and blow it out with compessed air put tube back on valve and hold and light again good luckhanged a thermal coupling but I am rather sure it is a simple process if I could just find directions for it. I am assuming

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