Re: smelly garbage disposal
Posted by megory on October 18, 2001 at 06:50:04:
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>>: any trick ways of getting rid of that smell? tried a lemon & Bleach

The best thing I ever did was use Sink the Stink in my GD. Filled the sink, added STS, ran the GD for a moment, and let the stuff sit overnight. Smells great! Also use around the toilet (men!) and to clean litter box. Use a sprayer with a light mixture when male cats leave their stink around my entry way. Spray it on and leave it.

I first used the stuff on my stinky dive clothes (yecch) and then found more and more uses for it. Here is a URL for _some_ info to help -- I did a search for more.

Hope this helps

BTW, I have NOTHING to do with the company or the product or anything.

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