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Posted by More on October 17, 2001 at 14:12:58:
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You would be well advised to contact 3 LICENSED plumbers in your area to get estimates for a cause of the problem and cost of repair. The shower drain may simply require maintenance, a cleaning or re-caulking, and if you get unlicensed fixit guys, they'll have a field day at your expense.

: My shower is located on the 2nd floor and, following or during a shower, water leaks and dampens the
: first floor ceiling approximately 12" in diameter. In the shower itself, there are no signs of drain clogging,
: but the base/floor of the shower does seem to have some 'give' to it near the center, or drain. This gives
: me the impression that the shower drain, however it is sealed to the house plumbing, has become loose
: and subsequently created the leak. After inspecting the drain area and finding no apparent damage, I
: feel I have to reseal or replace the plumbing interface, whatever it might be, but don't know what it is or
: how to do it.

: Obviously, plumbing is not one of my stronger areas but I would appreciate any help you can provide.

: Thanks.

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