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Posted by More on October 17, 2001 at 14:00:47:
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The RV has a sewage holding tank that the toilet drains to, right? The distance from the toilet to the tank is less than sixty feet, right? The existing RV plastic sewer piping is 3 inch, and the existing toilet has a 4 inch drain, right? The toilet you are looking has a 4 inch drain, right? The increase in sewer pipe size from 3 inch to 4 inch will offer no appreciable benefit for the sixty feet of travel from the toilet to the holding tank. If you are placing the RV on the roof of a building or parking structure and the toilet doesn't drain to the holding tank, but drains to a commercial sewer and the toilet will often be used by many people (more than four) you might then be economically justified by increasing the sewer size.

: I am installing a new toilet in a Park Model Travel Trailer that was manufactured with out the standard RV unit.
: I am looking at the Briggs Vacuity toilet

: Question: is it better to plumb in 4" piping and a 4" toilet flange or 3". Any benefits of one or the other sizes? Most RV plumbing is 3"

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