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Posted by More on October 17, 2001 at 13:50:38:
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Radiators are convection heaters and heat the air around them, but the thermostats control the liquid inside the radiator. If the temperature of the liquid inside the radiator is 200 degrees and that heat is radiated into the room the heat is lost to the cold room at changing rates, depending upon the rate of exchange of air in the room. If the room is drafty, the hot air rises to heat the ceiling, and cold air rushes in along the floor from an open door or open or drafty window in another room. When the radiator just shut down the thermostat and has not yet had a recovery period, the radiator won't reheat right away, and the room temperature will be colder. Chech the theermostats. They're all the same age, were installed at the same time, right? You might be experiencing a hard water scale buildup on the temperature sensors that won't let them adequately cycle. The scale can usually be removed by putting the sensors in vinegar to dissolve the calcium or lime scale.

: All of my radiators have their own thermostat but they do not deliver a consistent room temperature. One day a particular room will be hot and the next day it will be cold. This seems to apply to every room / radiator over a period of time. Each radiator does get hot over its entire surface.
: I've been told that it's probably sludge in the system causing the problem but fail to see how this would cause inconsistency in the overall room temperature.
: Any ideas please on potential causes and solutions.

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