Shower Drain
Posted by Jim Peacock on October 16, 2001 at 12:56:18:
My shower is located on the 2nd floor and, following or during a shower, water leaks and dampens the
first floor ceiling approximately 12" in diameter. In the shower itself, there are no signs of drain clogging,
but the base/floor of the shower does seem to have some 'give' to it near the center, or drain. This gives
me the impression that the shower drain, however it is sealed to the house plumbing, has become loose
and subsequently created the leak. After inspecting the drain area and finding no apparent damage, I
feel I have to reseal or replace the plumbing interface, whatever it might be, but don't know what it is or
how to do it.

Obviously, plumbing is not one of my stronger areas but I would appreciate any help you can provide.


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