Re: Adding a lower level toilet
Posted by hj on October 15, 2001 at 23:24:12:
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You have asked several questions. The most important ones are the ones you did not ask. Such as where should I install the vent. Where does the vent connect to. Etc.. best size pipe is the one required by the code in your area. Unless you install it properly or have a plumber do it, you will have a malfunctioning toilet that will never get better until you break the floor up and redo it.

: A friend is adding a toilet in the basement. Planning on connecting to the main pipe. Got to the main pipe, there is a gap between the concrete floor and the piping. Is this right? How should we pour the concrete when we close it back up? what is the best size piping to use from the toilet to the stack? About 15-20' distance.

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