Re: sewage ejector system check valve noise
Posted by More on October 14, 2001 at 23:39:20:
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The noise from the check valve is a result of the weight of the waste water remaining in the discharge line when the ejector pump shuts off, which rushes back against the check valve. This water weight is from the height of the ejector tube piped vertically, until the waste water is dumped out to gravity flow in the sewer mainline. Installing the check valve horizontally won't reduce the weight of that water slamming back against it. If you need to reduce the noise, check to locate where the 90 degree bends, checkvalve, and piping are ajacent to framing members and either install sound dampeners, or accoustical sound insulating material around them.

: I am installing a sewage ejector system for a basement bathroom. I understand that the check valve is quite noisy. Does it make any difference (in noise) if the gate and check valves are installed vertically or horizontally? Thanks

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