Re: galvanized pipe cut with acetelene safety
Posted by More on October 14, 2001 at 23:15:53:
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The Zinc coated galvanized pipe has been cut many times with acetelyne torches and OSHA has discovered it to cause a toxic vapor gas that is damaging to nasal tissue and mucous membranes, especially when performed in unvented areas, and has since named it to be an illegal act for an employer to order such work performed, without supplied fresh air. 20 years ago the regulations were in effect, and that is the reason they were good about workmans comp. treatment for chemical pneumonia. What you refer to as he hasn't been the same man since, sounds like he is developing complications, and should be referred to competent medical evealuation for documentation that the current symptoms are related to the past treatment. If this is the case, it is very likely that they will be very good about continuing treatment from workmans comp, since they treated it initially. If you need more information, e-mail me.

: I did that same thing about 50 years ago. I got very nauseous, but did not suffer any long term effects. If his lung's tissue were damaged, then I would suppose there could be long term effects, but it would require a lot of testing and even then after all this time, it might be hard to prove what caused the problem.

: : What kind of health issues result from cutting galvenized pipe with an acetelyne torch in an unvenelated crawl-space?
: : My husband's emloyer sent him in to do such a job 20 years ago and he got chemical penumonia. They were good about workman's comp for that week he ws in the hospital, but he hasn't been the same man since.
: : What can he expect for his future?

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