Re: Brand new Shower system-no pressure?!
Posted by More on October 14, 2001 at 22:58:53:
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You will be throwing good money after bad if you had a LICENSED plumber install your system, and now it doesn't have adequate pressure, since the Licensed plmbers work is warranteed to be free from defects in workmanship for a year, and you'll void the warrantee if you try to repair it. Does the rest of the bathroom have adequate pressure? If so the problem is in the supply to the flow diverter. You say the volume reaches normal when you remove the flow restrictor? It sounds like you are trying to achieve a higher pressure than what is standard in the house. It also sounds like you are trying to go against the NY City flow use code by removing the restrictor. Your plumber is slow to respond, possibly because he is aware of the pressure Code, and isn't willing to assist you in breaking the law. You might have to live with it. Try asking the installer politely to advise you of your options.

: Hi all,
: I'm a recent homeowner in NYC and I just got the tub-shower in the guest bathroom converted into a shower only unit-lead pan and all. The shower unit I selected was the Hansgrohe Pharo comfort line-which I was told was a good basic shower system. The problem I'm facing is that the pressure in the water now is lower than the older system! The water volume is also quite low-unless I remove the restrictor-and then it just reaches the normal level!I'm wondering what could have happened-I don't know the ABCs of plumbing and I need to know what the plumber may have done wrong because he's not being very co-operative. The unit consists of a diverter that switches b/w the handheld and 2 body sprays, with separate temperature control. Any help that you can offer is greatly appreciated.

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