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Posted by scott karen on October 14, 2001 at 17:55:44:
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: Vent systems are merely air pipes. It makes no difference what they are connected to. If they are interconnected they are sharing air not the liquids that flow through the pipes. If it is easier to connect to the existing vent pipe there is no reason not to do so. As for whether you can do what you want to do in the existing walls, it is impossible for us to tell since it depends on how your walls are arranged and constructed.

you will find a product at
: : >I want to install a new vent system without tying in to the existing vent pipe. I wanted to include a washing machine drain with a new, add-on kitchen sink drain in this seperate vent system.
: : >The old kitchen sink and washer drain into the same pipe and then into a seperate gray water system whereas, the existing vent system drains into in the septic tank.
: : >Can this be done in already existing walls? There is attic space but is the only access into the attic through existing walls and/or frame?

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