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Posted by Terry Love on October 13, 2001 at 16:03:48:
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If water is leaking from from under the toilet, then, well, something is leaking. If water is on the floor and flowing under the toilet, well, that can happen too. That could be something as simple as water from the shower area, peeing on the floor (did I just say that?) sweating of the tank, fittings that leak, water that comes down from the lid of the toilet.

If the toilet rocks, then the bolts need to be tightened and the toilet shimmed.
Shimmed and caulked, but not around the back. If the seal is not funtional, you will want to know that. You will not want concealed damage from long term leakage. Terry

: : If a tile has a hump in it, then have him shim the toilet until it no longer rocks. If the wax seal is making proper contact it would not normally leak. In fact given the logistics of the toilet outlet and the drain pipe size, it will normally not even leak unless there is a restriction in the drain pipe. How did he replace the drain pipe and raise the flange? That would normally require breaking the tile AND the floor to do both. Do not caulk the toilet to the floor until you cure the leak problem. Otherwise you will be concealing the problem instead of curing it.
: : We recently had a new ceramic floor put in our bathroom. Ever since, we've noticed the grout lines showing signs of water coming from under the toilet. We have tried several things to fix the problem. We even had the drainage pipe replaced and the flange raised even with the floor. That didn't work and so we went to the company that sold us the toilet, thinking it was the toilet. We got another toilet to try. This toilet is even worse. The second time I used it, it started to rock. Our plumber is now saying If that one of our tiles has a hump in it. However,
: : our old toilet never rocked in the year we had it. He is also thinking that the stack is too far from the toilet. When we tipped our old toilet over we noticed that the outer edge is flat on one side and sloped on the other. There seems to be some unevenness on the underside. I'm wondering if this could be our problem. Any suggestions?

: hj: He didn't break the floor or the tile. The tile didn't go over the rim of the flange, so it was no problem removing it. We have a crawl space, and I presume he removed the flange, and then the piping from the crawl space. We weren't home at the time, so I'm only guessing. And as to the suggestion from dumbdog, our plumber said he had a good seal, so I doubt another wax ring would do the job, but it could be worth a try. Does anyone know if the imperfections on the bottom of the toilet have any implications in this? Also, I put a level down tonight, and noticed that the floor slopes down about 1/4" on the side the water seems to be going to. Would shimming it 1/4" do the job? If so, what is recommended? My plumber says there is plastic wedges for this, but they compress within a year and you start all over again.

: Thanks

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