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Posted by hj on October 13, 2001 at 09:34:57:
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If you cannot run the drain line in the cabinet, how are you going to run the vent which has to be run from above the trap. And you cannot put the trap in the basement. If you do not have a vent, it will be an illegal drain, and it will also be an "S" trap which will siphon every time you use the sink. This will not only cause a gurgling noise after the sink drains but also suck the water out of the trap and allow sewer gas to come into the house. This is also illegal.
: I don't think it is illegal that I know of. It is only a 4 foot horizontal(with a slight slope of course) section of drain pipe directly into the cast stack which is vented out of the roof. All I am doing is running the exact same drain configuration under the floor(in the basement). It is still going to tie into that stack at right around the same level as the toilet. Anyway, I don't think it is illegal or unsafe that I can tell, but then again I am only a do it your selfer.

: : If I read you correctly, you are planning to install an illegal and unsafe drain without a proper vent.

: : : Chuck, there is a fitting but it is on the first floor and there is a horizontal run of drain pipe along the wall. Previously they notched out the backs of the cabinets for this pipe...but the new cabinets I will not be able to do that. So I am rerouting it straight down through the floor into the basement, and then horizontally along the basement ceiling over to the stack

: : : : If this is a remodeling job isn't there a fitting
: : : : where the original sink was connected. Cutting stacks are a pain and cast iron is rather brittle.

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