Brand new Shower system-no pressure?!
Posted by Lost in NYC on October 12, 2001 at 23:22:44:
Hi all,
I'm a recent homeowner in NYC and I just got the tub-shower in the guest bathroom converted into a shower only unit-lead pan and all. The shower unit I selected was the Hansgrohe Pharo comfort line-which I was told was a good basic shower system. The problem I'm facing is that the pressure in the water now is lower than the older system! The water volume is also quite low-unless I remove the restrictor-and then it just reaches the normal level!I'm wondering what could have happened-I don't know the ABCs of plumbing and I need to know what the plumber may have done wrong because he's not being very co-operative. The unit consists of a diverter that switches b/w the handheld and 2 body sprays, with separate temperature control. Any help that you can offer is greatly appreciated.

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