Re: Replcing tub with neo shower (drain? )
Posted by Terry Love on October 12, 2001 at 17:54:48:
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: I would like to removed our tub and replace with a Neo angle shower. These units all have the drain in the center but my current drain for the tub is of course near the wall. What can I do? Is there some sore of adapter to reach my currect drain? Thanks

Neo angle showers come with drains in two locations. Either centered or closer to the corner.
Most tubs are 30"-32" wide
Nea angles are 38" wide typical.

If there is a toilet nearby, it should be no closer than 15" from the centerline to the shower.

Connecting the drain should be no problem. The difference between 14.5" and 19" is small.
Most codes require a 2" drain for showers, whereas most tubs were done with 1.5" drains.

It's common on a neo angle shower to center the faucet on the drain or on the wide side of the shower. I have found it to be more comfortable to maintain the same center that you would do with a tub, keeping the 14.5" measurement from the corner. It's where you wind up standing in these things. Nobody stands in the center because of the angle that cuts in near the center.

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