Whats best performance and QA/QC/REliability model of : Shower / handheld faucets and bath sink faucet?
Posted by Teresa on October 12, 2001 at 16:56:46:
I live by beach in Southern California so small bathrooms in house. doing total bath replacement:
Whats the best:
installing in bath 1, 5ft by 7 ft.: a new shower stall, want a handheld and shower head combo. also installing a new toilet and sink/faucet combo.
In bath 2, 6 ft by 10 ft: installing a new toilet, new sink and shower/ handheld and possibly two shower head configuration fixtures and tub. would like middle priced not real high end expensive fixtures.
Whats best tub, faucets, toilets etc? Is tile in the shower and bath floors the best for maintenance. I have to get these things within the next day. thanks for any advice.

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