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Posted by Jeff on October 11, 2001 at 22:05:02:
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I had a similar problem, and from an acoustical engineer/consultant plus my own research, found that sound from pipes will easily travel through any point where there's a continuous solid contact with the pipe: studs, joists, non-resilient pipe hangers or clamps, etc., and then onward to and out through sheetrock. You have to suspend the pipe so it's touching only reslient material (like wet suit neoprene foam----open cell not closed cell foam), or other very flexible, squishable material)to eliminate the solid sound travel path. Of course, if you squish the squishable material flat, you thereby make it solid and open a path for the sound to travel through.

You also need to surround the pipe itself with resilient insulation designed for soundproofing. I came across a cloth-like material with a layer of barium in it, designed to absorb sound, which could be wrapped around pipes. An architect or acoustic consultant could give you information on where you could buy such a product.

Just remember that if there is any way for the sound to travel from the pipe to the sheetrock, no matter how tiny, it will take that path.

good luck!

: I have PVC drains pipes running downstairs into
: a room I would like to turn into a bedroom.

: The drains are noisy when water is run through them.

: Is there something I can do (besides replacing with
: cast iron) to quiet them down?

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