Brown Hot Water
Posted by Carolyn on October 05, 2001 at 12:46:11:
Brown water is coming out of my Mom's hot water taps. She just moved into this house--it is 20 years
old. Since she lives in Florida there is high amounts of mineral in the water. This house has never had
a water softner and the water heater was 12 years old. She had a water softner installed and also
a new water heater. But the problem persists. The strange thing is that she can go several days
with everything OK, and then the problem comes back with a vengence. The problem is esp. bad in
the guest bath where the water is such a dark brown color it's unbelievable. The water does NOT have
any bad odor.

Any ideas what could cause this? Water softner has been checked and is OK.

The only unusual feature of this house (to me anyway) is that under the kitchen sink there is a PVC
"thing" that I thought was a cleanout--the plumber says it is actually a type of vent or stack that is placed
in an kitchen island (so it doesn't have to run up through the attic)

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