Bathroom in basement
Posted by Steve Hantman on October 03, 2001 at 13:20:17:
I have a ranch style house and wish to put a bathroom in the basement. There seems to be a total lack of information in the how to books about this subject.
1) My sewer line goes under the whole basement floor (back to front) and out to the street. How deep beneath the slab must this line be at the point at which I tee in, (I do not wish to use a pump system and I dont wish to build a platform for the toilet). Assume the toilet will be X ft away from the tee. Explain how I would figure this out.
2) My ideal location for the toilet is about 15 ft down stream of my existing stack. I plan to vent the toilet by passing the vent pipe thru a hall closet into the attic and out thru the roof. The closet is not directly above the toilet. Can I run the vent horizontally along a floor joist in the basement ceiling until I am under the hall closet (is there a vent slope requirement). What size vent do I need, 1.5", 2", or 3". I plan to install a sink and shower also.
3) I wish to put a sink and shower in my basement also. Please tell me the best way to arrange these components. It seems that the sink should be furthest away since its drain is well above floor level. What should come next, the toilet, or the shower? What is the best way to arrange these so that I never have waste coming up out of the shower drain. Should I tee the shower into the main sewer line seperately and up stream of the toilet. I dont mind a little extra work to help prevent problems.

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