Leak at shower handle valve.
Posted by Dale on October 01, 2001 at 23:11:35:
I just installed a Delta shower valve on a new basement shower. The threads on the valve body are brass. I installed 3 CPVC 1/2" male
adapters to the valve body for the hot/cold water inlets and the shower head. The problem is, the adapter for the cold
water inlet is very slightly leaking where the CPVC adapter threads meet the brass. I've replaced the adapter 3 times, wrapped
thoroughly with teflon tape each time, and the leak remains. It is an extremely slight leak, about a drop worth every
15 min or so. I tried caulking, no luck. Is there a sealant that will take care of this? Or, is there something else that I can
do? It's driving me nuts!!!!!

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