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Posted by Terry Love on October 01, 2001 at 13:50:54:
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: I recently purchased a house and noticed a leak in the bathroom. I relized it was coming from the toilet. I had a plumber come in and replace the seal. This did not stop the problem. The plumber took everything appart and found a crack at the bottom of the toilet. We have the Gerber Ultra Flush 21-312. We find it to be a superior toilet. The tank is fine, is their anyway to just buy a new toilet ? Funds are low with the purchase of the new home. Hubby says it isnt possible and we need a whole new set up. Please help.

I'm sure you mean, bowl?
You should be able to buy just a bowl in your area. Gerber did make a change on the 21-312 about a year ago though. If it's older than that, you will need to get the whole enchilada. Terry

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