Baby toilets
Posted by Michael on September 30, 2001 at 23:41:01:
I am preparing to put a half bath in the basement. I have had some plumbers take a look at breaking up the floor to put in the drains only. One came bake with an unexpectedly high bid. Three others would never call back. I plan on putting the toilet within 2 feet of the main stack and it has the main clean out centered 4 inches above the floor. I have seen on the internet the �Baby Devoro� by American Standard and the �Baby Bowl� form Crane. If I were to attach a Y-fitting to the clean out, one for a new clean out and the other for a toilet flange and then put one of these baby toilets the seat height would only be 20 inches.
My concern is the toilet. Are these �baby� toilets just as capable as a standard toilet, but just shorter? From all the information I can find they seem to take the standard toilet seat. I thank you for any input.

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