Kohler Rialto
Posted by Tim Otis on September 27, 2001 at 17:24:15:
Our house, built in 1986, has two Kohler Rialto toilets. The mechanism in this thing has something I've never seen in any other toilet. Attached to the ballcock assembly is a second little float valve which is attached to a rubber tube that runs (I think) into the rim of the bowl.

From what I've been able to determine, during a flush cycle, this little valve redirects water coming into the tank into the tube, and thus into the bowl. When the level in the tank drops, the valve then switches over to route incoming water into the tank for the refill process.

My problem is that water is leaking slowly into the rim. I don't think it is leaking around the flapper -- the flapper appears to provide water to the bottom of the bowl, while the tube provides water to the rim. Am I right about this? Replacing the flapper hasn't worked, though I haven't tried putting in a new flapper seat. If the leak to the rim is somehow coming from the tube, I can't tell whether it is leaking through the tube somehow, or around the tube where it feeds through the hole in the porcelain.

Can you explain why the Rialto has this unusual setup, and how I might go about troubleshooting it and ultimately, fixing it? I have been unable to find resources that talk about this non-standard setup.



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