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Posted by Woody on September 26, 2001 at 23:02:41:
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: There is no prohibition regarding a 90 degree turn. When a plumber makes a statement like that, I suspect he is on commision and is trying to sell any job he can. Be certain the tape you see is the one for your sewer. I had a customer, recently, who received a tape that had no relationship to their sewer and must have been a stock "bad sewer" tape that the plumber showed to any customer who wanted the sewer video inspected. Do not proceed with any major repairs until you determine the exact cause of your problem. There are thousands of cast iron sewers with 1.6 gpf toilets that do not have any problems.
: : Two days after having a Toto ultramax (toilet works fine)installed in our 80 year old house, the basement floor drain started backing up with sewage. Never had the problem before. Had a rooter service clean out the clog. Seven days later, floor drain even more backed up. Rooter people had to come back and ream out the clog again. The clog is about 6-8 feet from basement waste stack.

: : Rooter guy stuck a camera into the line and it showed a 90 degree bend. Rooter guy said new plumbing codes don't allow that now. Plus, new plumbing is ABS, a very slick material so 1.6 gal might push waste; in old cast iron pipes which are rough inside, 1.6 probably doesn't push waste past the 90 degree bend.

: : I wish I had just repaired my old 5 -7 gal toilet. Old system obviously designed for much larger water volume flow from toilets. Short of digging up old plumbing and replacing with ABS, are there sump pump type devices that can help push waste away from the house?

: : Thanks

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