Re: Garbage disposal trips circuit breaker
Posted by Peter (Author of the original post) on September 25, 2001 at 21:51:13:
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The breaker this thing is on was a GFCI. 1/2 hour ago I got back from Home Depot with a replacement breaker and a replacement disposal. I replaced the breaker and everything worked fine. But that was not good enough for me, so I put the original breaker back in and of course, everything worked fine.

The new breaker and new disposal are sitting on my dining room table.

My suspicion is that the disposal is internally leaking onto the motor. Someone who knows what disposals actually look like inside might validate whether this type of leak is possible. To continue with my theory... After not using it for a while everything dried out and it worked fine. I will return the breaker ($38 - GFCI), but hang onto the disposal for a week or two and wait for the thing to fail again.

I do think I have ruled out the breaker. Anyone disagree?


: One of the worse things for a garbage disposer is to not be used frequently. Operating it keeps corrosion from building up on the rotating plate. If you do not use it, the corrosion can lock the operating parts and make the circuit breaker trip.

: : Why might by garbage disposal trip the circuit breaker it is on? Does this mean it is time for a new disposal? I have isolated the tripping of the breaker right to the disposal, so I know it is not the wiring, the disposal switch or some other thing in the circuit.
: : The little reset switch in the disposal itself is not popping. It seems fine. The disposal is 1/2 hp, about 14 years old, and not used much - just two of us and we eat out too much.

: : Thanks

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