Water Softener Question
Posted by Donnie McFarden on September 24, 2001 at 12:36:41:
We have purchased a home which is 2years old. The home has no softener or filtering sytem and is on well water and a septic system. The home has 3 bathrooms, but the previous owners (2 people) used the master shower and not the bath tubs very often. When we moved in I ran the jacuzzi tub and noticed a reddish, orange sediment in the tub when I ran the water at full speed. I decided to remove the areator at the nozzle and opened the faucet at full speed and the water turned reddish for a few seconds then returned to a more normal color. I tried all of the faucets and noticed that the ones which probably weren't used often had the same sediment.

I called a water softener company which tested my water. 7 gpg, 120 TDS and no iron. I showed him the tub with the sediment. He thought is was a clay silt, which a softener and prefilter would solve. He quoted a Hague filtering sytem with RO for $5,200!!!!! Surely there are excellant systems around for a better price. I'm concerned about the sediment. Is it possible that it is iron, but he just didn't find any in his test, or is it just probably silt. If it is silt, will a filter solve the problem (what size would work well). Do I really need a softener at 7 gpg?

Please help.

Thanks, Donnie McFarden

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